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 Opposition will fail

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PostSubject: Opposition will fail   Fri May 04, 2007 9:25 pm

“The upcoming parliamentary election will not be decisive because it is an election in inverted commas. Provided the oppositional forces united, the election might be decisive. This chance was missed because most leaders of the opposition are marionettes for the government. Their only purpose is to become Parliament members. They are not trying to change the situation. I shall explain to the opposition leaders that their unification is in the interests of everyone and is primary to getting one or two mandates,” Paruir Hairikyan, the leader of the National Self-Determination Party, told mass media representatives during the meeting at “Tesaket” Club on May 4.

According to Paruir Hairikyan, the leaders or bulk of the leaders who are speaking about establishing democracy and rule of law were at the same boat twenty years ago. “Where were the oppositional forces 20 years ago when we began the fight for independence?”

The oppositional forces had promised to conclude an alliance. Why did they fail?

In Hairikyan’s opinion, there is still a chance to meet people's expectations.
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Opposition will fail
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